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SCDA Activities

We break "concrete" stereotypes investors, developers, architects and designers, helping them to opt for steel structures. APCC brings together all market participants steel construction: the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal, plants for the production of steel, research and design institutes, architectural firms, and educational institutions.

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Centers and Departments

Engineering Center

The SCDA's Engeneering Center fulfills the pre-project proposals and provides expert consultation for more rational and effective use of steel structures for the members of the Association. Our expertise considers both Russian and foreign experience in applying steel costruction technology. We are also developing the database of the constructed objects and the catalogue of SCDA's participants.

Regulatory and Technical Center

The Center is working to perfect Russian legal base, technical documents and regulations on design, construction, use of building materials and other issues concerning the steel structures.

Media Center

The Center is dedicated to promoting the benefits of steel construction technology among the investors, developers and government agencies. We provide SCDA's participation in the leading industry events, and also hold our own round tables, scientific and practical conferences, sharing our knowledge and experience with the professional community.

Scientific and Educational Center

The Center implements the training programs for architects and designers on steel structure designing. We hold various conests for architecture students as well as full-time designers. The Scientific and Educational Center is responsible for the SCDA's Technical Library.

Центр по взамодействию с ЗМК

Основным фокусом центра является вовлечение заводов металлоконструкций в развитие и формирование дальнейшего роста рынка металлоконструкций, увеличение объемов использования продукта учредителей в гражданском строительстве, расширение применения экспертизы и компетенций ЗМК.


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